Frequently Asked Questions

When was the apartment block built?


How many apartments are in the building?

There are 25 apartments in the building.

Is there lift access to the apartment?


Is the building secure?

Yes, the building is locked and only open to residents with key access.

Can I keep the property and rent it?

Yes you can, it’s your choice whatever you decide to do with the prize. If you rent the apartment the estimated rental income is $78,000 per year. This is subject to market variations depending when you rent the home.

Do I have to pay tax on it if I sell?

You can sell the prize tax free at the prize value. If you sell at a higher rate than its value then capital gains on the difference may apply. We advise the winner to contact a financial advisor for comprehensive tax advice relative to your personal circumstances.

How big is the apartment?

The apartment is 376 sqm.

How much are the rates, water and body corporate fees?

Rates, water and body corporate fees are $13,226 per year and are paid for the first 12 months as part of the first prize.

Are there any shared complex facilities, like a pool, gym or BBQ area?

The building complex features a stunning outdoor pool, a steam room and a common BBQ area.

What type of energy is connected?

There is gas and electricity connected to the home.

Does the apartment have air conditioning?

Yes, there is ducted air conditioning throughout the home.

Is there a garage?

There is a secure car parking for two cars.

Can I have pets in the home?

This is subject to body corporate approval.

If I win do I have to pay to travel to them?

The first prize package includes a $2,000 travel voucher for you to use to visit your prize home.