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The Beach House - Living Room

"You're kidding me?! Are you sure? I'll have to tell my husband"

Janette Adams* from Chirn Park, Queensland has received a $4.1 million phone call today from General Manager Tracey Bishop that has turned her recent luck completely around. 

As long-time supporter of RSL Art Union, Janette expressed that the reason for her commitment of over 12 years was mainly the cause, with of the possibility of a win. “I support to help the veterans, and of course, to maybe one day win a prize.” 

Janette unknowingly was about to receive the news that she was now the lucky winner of a $4.1 million beach house in Palm Beach, Queensland. Her ticket no.666,791 was drawn as the first prize winner at 10am (AEST) this morning. 

After the initial shock of the news subsided, her husband joined the call and exclaimed “are you sure this is not a joke, because we have been through some really rough times lately. After many years of hardship, the deserving couple are over the moon with this life-changing win. “This is just an absolute blessing” said Janette. 

*Name changed for privacy reasons.

Palm Beach Lifestyle

Draw 369 Winners

Prize Value Ticket No From Ticket Type
1st Prize: $4,165,148 666,791
Chirn Park, Qld
$20 VIP
2nd Prize: $10,000 35,715
Hampton East, Vic
$100 book
3rd Prize: $5,000 601,847
Edmonton, Qld
$20 VIP
Loyal Supporter Draw: $8,000 O057564282*
Douglas, QLD
$50 VIP
Loyal Supporter Draw: $8,000 O056324600*
Yarraville, Vic
$10 book
VIP Only Bonus Draw: $10,000 O057232797* Port Macquarie, NSW
$30 VIP
VIP Only Bonus Draw: $10,000 O057138085*
Harrington Park, NSW
$20 VIP 
VIP Update Your Details: $500 O056391388*
Mornington, Vic
$5 VIP
*AU369 Sales Reference Number

How Your Support Helps

How Your Support Helps

VIP Club Member Benefits

VIP Club Member Benefits