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370 Winners Lifestyle

"You're joking! I can't believe it!"

Wednesday 13th of November was a day that caught Maria Kulikova’s by complete surprise.

After holidaying in Australia with her sister in May last year, Maria was quite taken by the scenic landscape, beautiful sunny weather, and property prizes offered by the Art Union.

Dreaming of the chance to win, Maria promptly took the opportunity online and signed up as a $100 VIP Member. She couldn’t have imagined that a decision made on holidays would have led to a $2.4 million win…

Her dreams quickly turned to reality as her ticket no.165,825 was drawn as the first prize winner of Draw 370. Winning an entire property portfolio with three apartments, plus $200,000 gold!

"Just give me a second. Are you sure I have won three apartments?! Oh, my goodness!" she exclaimed. Thanks to her support of the veteran community, Maria now has the option to return as a millionaire, with three inner-city apartments in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

*Name changed for privacy reasons.

370 Winners Lifestyle

Draw 370 Winners

Prize Value Ticket No VIP Ticket Value
1st Prize: $2,484,415 00165825 YES  $100
2nd Prize: $10,000 01237174 YES $50
3rd Prize: $5,000 02575903 NO $100
Loyal Supporter Draw: $8,000 W00101291105b26e* NO $10
Loyal Supporter Draw: $8,000 O057874643* YES $20
VIP Only Bonus Draw: $10,000 O058001781* YES $50
VIP Only Bonus Draw: $10,000 O057827499* YES $20
VIP Update Your Details: $500 O057842576* YES $30

AU370 Sales Reference Number

$10K Giveaway Winner is -  AU370 Sales Reference Number O058560620 from Waterford West, QLD

How Your Support Helps

How Your Support Helps

VIP Club Member Benefits

VIP Club Member Benefits