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Heroes Draw

Heroes Draw VIP05

“My nephew is currently deployed in Afghanistan and that’s why I support.”

This morning at 10am the first VIP Heroes draw of the year was held. One lucky VIP supporter received the $1.5 million call from RSL Art Union General Manager Tracey Bishop, a call that would not only make their morning, but change their life.

Mr Rob Howden* from Glenelg South in South Australia, was the recipient of this call. On his way to a charity golfing event, Mr Howden was informed that he was in fact the winner of this special VIP draw, and now $1.5 million richer.

“You are joking, this is unbelievable!” Mr Howden continued to repeat in disbelief. Tracey went on to explain that as a $100 book buyer, Mr Howden will also receive an additional $135,000 gold as the book buyer prize, making his total prize value over $1.6 million! Signing up just over a year ago in a shopping centre may have been the best decision Mr Howden has ever made.

When asked the reason for his generous support, Mr Howden revealed that the cause was close to his heart. With his nephew currently deployed in Afghanistan, he wished to help those returning from service, and knew the cause would be assisting those returning from his nephew’s mission.

As for what Mr Howden wishes to do with his new-found fortune; he plans to help his young grandchildren out and give them a bright start to life.

We wish Mr Howden all the best in his golfing match, and hope his luck continues on the green.

Congratulations to Mr Howden and to all our winners in this special VIP only Heroes Draw. The ongoing support of VIPs enables the RSL to provide vital support to Australia’s veteran heroes, and we thank you for this.

*Name changed for privacy reasons.

Heroes Draw - Winners

Prize Ticket No From Book / VIP
1st Prize:
1,147,654 Glenelg South, SA $100 VIP
2nd Prize:
46,599 Bungal, VIC $100 VIP
3rd Prize:
986,062 High Wycombe, WA $50 VIP

A story of two Heroes

Ben Whiley enlisted at 17 years old and served for nearly 20 years in the Royal Australian Artillery. Cameron Sherwood enlisted at 18 years old and served for 10 years in an Infantry Battalion. Sadly, both men were medically discharged and diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

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