Draw 357: Prize Home Calculator

Live, rent or sell – it’s a great decision to have!

Use the calculator to explore your options and see how you can enjoy your $3.7 million prize! You'll paint a picture of how different your life (and cash flow) could be, whether you live in, rent or sell one (or both) of the villas.

Villa 1
Est. Value: $1,730,000.00
Rental Return: $78,000.00 / yr
Villa 2
Est. Value: $1,750,000.00
Rental Return: $78,000.00 / yr
Total Equity $0.00
Total Rental $0.00 /yr
Total Sales $0.00

These calculations are estimated values and may differ depending on market conditions. Property sales values do not include furnishings and electrical. The winner also receives furnishings, electrical and legal title transfer expenses, rates and body corporate fees for the first 12 months, plus a travel allowance to attend the property handover.

Tax Free - You would sell $0 of property. This income is completely TAX FREE.

Rent - You would generate approximately $0 in ongoing rental income each year.

Own - You would continue to own $0 worth of property in a sought after location.