Frequently Asked Questions

If I’m the lucky winner, how long do I have to decide on which home to choose?
The winner has 10 business days to choose their option.


Can I keep and rent out the home?
Yes, you can, it’s your choice whatever you decide to do with the prize. You could move into your choice of home, keep it and rent it out, or sell it for the market value. This is subject to market variations depending when you rent out the apartments.


Do I have to pay tax if I sell?
You can sell the home tax free at the prize value. If you sell at a higher rate than its value, then capital gains on the difference may apply. There may also be land tax implications but this is dependent on your personal circumstances. We advise the winner to contact a financial advisor for comprehensive tax advice relative to your personal circumstances.


If I win do I have to pay to travel to the homes?
First prize includes a $3,000 travel voucher for you to use to visit the home.


What can I do with the gold that comes with the Gold Coast prize option?
You might choose to sell the gold to start spending straight away – RSL will provide you with the paperwork so the money can be transferred to your bank account. Or you may choose to hold on to the gold as an investment, or perhaps sell some and keep some! Please note that gold selling costs and market variations do apply when selling gold bullion.


If I win the Loyal Supporter Draw do I have to go to South Africa?
No. The prize comes in the form of a Flight Centre voucher and gold bullion. It is completely up to you how you spend these items!


Can I visit the homes?
The Sydney apartment is not open for viewing, but you can take a virtual tour. The Gold Coast home is open for viewing 18th July – 25th August, 9am – 5pm (AEST), seven days a week.


When were the homes built?
Blues Point Tower in Sydney was built in 1962 and the Broadbeach Water house was built in 2016.


How many apartments are in Blues Point Tower?
There are 146 apartments over 24 levels.


What are the sizes of the apartments?
Sydney apartment: 100 sqm
Gold Coast house: 450 sqm house size and the land size is 938 sqm.


Do the homes have wheelchair access?
Yes, but there are two steps to get into the Gold Coast home and to get out down from the al fresco to the garden, pool and pontoon.


Is there parking?
Yes, the Sydney apartment has secure parking for one car and the Gold Coast home has secure parking for two cars, plus room for a caravan in the front yard.


Can I have pets in the homes?
Pets are subject to body corporate approval for the Sydney apartment, and are allowed in the Gold Coast house.


What type of energy is connected?
There is electricity and gas connected in each home.


Is there air conditioning?
Yes, there is ducted air conditioning throughout the homes.

Are the homes fitted with a security system and intercom?
There is a security system installed in the Gold Coast home.


How much are the rates, water and body corporate?
Rates, water and body corporate are paid for the first 12 months as part of the first prize.
For the Sydney apartment: valued at $17,029. Transfer duty is also paid, valued at $108,710.
For the Gold Coast house: valued at $4,000 (rates and water only)


Are there any shared complex facilities, like a pool, gym or BBQ area?
The Sydney apartment does not feature any shared complex facilities. The Gold Coast home features a private pool, boat ramp and pontoon with deep water access.


Are legal fees covered for first prize?
Yes, legal transfer fees are paid for, valued at $1,375.