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Vic Reading is a name spoken with awe and respect throughout RSL. Having had a long history as part of Australia’s Defence family, Vic Reading proudly represented RSL Art Union as Chairman for 11 years, until he stood down from the role in 2019. Named in his honour, Draw 377 brings supporters of the RSL Art Union the Reading Residences – three beautiful villas located at the water's edge of Broadbeach Waters that serve as a lasting tribute to the hard-work and dedication Vic gave over so many years.

“He will always be such a big part of the Art Union family and a huge supporter of the cause. We wanted to honour him and his contributions which is how we came up with the idea to name one of our prize homes the Reading Residences”, said RSL Art Union’s Prize and Property team.

In 1964, at just 22 years of age, Vic enlisted in the Australian Army. From 1968 – 1969, he actively served in Vietnam. Upon his return to Australia, he wanted to continue to be part of the Defence family, and in 1970 Vic became a member of his local RSL sub-branch. Starting out as a member, Vic’s affiliation with the RSL and his commitment to supporting the veteran community grew over the years.

During Vic’s time at RSL, he has held numerous positions, including Brisbane North District President, RSL Art Union Chairman, RSL Queensland Director, and RSL Queensland Company Board Secretary. In his 11 years as Art Union Chairman, the organisation grew from strength to strength.

“During my time as Chairman, I saw the Art Union completely change. Each lottery saw an improvement from the last. It just got bigger and better”, said Vic.

Born out of the need to raise funds for essential veteran support, today, 96 per cent of all funds raised for RSL Queensland are through the Art Union. This support is in the form of advocacy services, financial assistance with medical expenses and much more.

Bringing his vast experience and never-ending passion, Vic has made an invaluable and lasting impact on the culture around the way we support the Veteran community. Of his many fond memories of his time as Chairman, his proudest is seeing the Art Union grow significantly to be Australia’s largest charitable lottery.

“One of my favourite parts about being the RSL Art Union Chairman was meeting the winners, especially those that I like to call the “battlers”. The “battlers” are the people who won one of our lotteries that I just knew really deserved and needed the prize that they won,”

“Supporting RSL and the Art Union is a way of giving thanks to those men and women who have served and continue to serve. A simple thanks to those who paid with their lives in more ways than one”, said Vic.

Each RSL Art Union ticket sold helps generate much needed funding that goes towards vital support and services for Australia's veterans and their families.

Three Broadbeach Waterfront Villas

Draw 377

Win three Broadbeach waterfront villas valued at $4.8 million

This popular draw has sold out!

The final piece of our Dream Collection series, Draw 377, offers you the chance to win the Reading Residences waterfront complex valued at $4.8 million. All THREE luxury villas each feature four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a rooftop terrace and are located in popular Broadbeach Waters on the Gold Coast! There’s nothing like it.