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VIP Heroes Draw 15

VIP Heroes Draw
Win $3 million in gold!




10am (AEST) Wed 25 May 2022

Join the VIP Club by 12:01am (AEST) Wednesday 13 Apr 2022, or continue your VIP membership past 13 Apr 2022 to be eligible for this draw. Tickets start from just $5.

This draw
is dedicated to

Darlene Blake

Your VIP membership helps change veterans’ lives. 

Darlene Blake, who served in the Royal Australian Navy for ten years, faced difficult times while transitioning to civilian life. But your continued support has helped put her on the track to wellness.

Thank you, and best of luck in this exclusive $3 million draw!

Every $5 ticket helps veterans in Queensland and throughout Australia.

Darlene's Story

Darlene Blake always enjoyed the team environment of the Royal Australian Navy. After serving for ten years, Darlene said she felt isolated and experienced a loss of connection once she had left the Defence Force.

Since joining the RSL RAEMUS Rover Off-Road Racing Program and receiving support from RSL Queensland, Darlene has connected with other veterans and found a new purpose. She’s now on the track to wellness.

Connection in Service

Darlene joined the Navy as a Steward in the Women’s Royal Australian Naval Service (WRANS). At the time, the WRANS wasn’t permitted to serve at sea.

When that changed, Darlene served on the HMAS Newcastle, and going to sea as part of that crew was a highlight of her Naval career.

Darlene’s connection to the Defence Force runs deeper than her own service; her husband and great-uncle are both veterans.

When she transitioned out of the Navy and moved to a small country town, Darlene found civilian life difficult without the support and comradery of her crew.

With her husband often away interstate for work, Darlene was raising her children and trying to find things to do.

“It was hard not being in that team environment anymore,” Darlene says.

“I’d gone from a wonderful team environment to being by myself and fending for myself. I had many challenges; it was isolating.”

Over time, Darlene lost self-confidence, and was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

And then she found off-road racing.

Navigating Back on Track

The RSL RAEMUS Rover Off-Road Racing Program provides a team environment for veterans to get involved in and find a renewed sense of purpose.

Every veteran has a role to play, from navigating or driving the race vehicle, to being on-hand in the pit crew and managing event logistics.

The teamwork required to manage the off-road racer forges friendships and strengthens bonds, giving veterans clarity, and common ground, and making it easier to transition into civilian life.

Darlene is now a navigator on the RSL RAEMUS Rover team, and her husband is actively involved as well.

“If you had have asked me a few years ago, would I be involved with off-road racing, I would never have imagined myself doing it,” Darlene says.

“RSL RAEMUS Rover has had a huge impact on my life personally.”

“Coming out of my comfort zone, it's stopped me isolating myself; the interaction with the team has just been invaluable.”

“I never dreamt I could do the things that I've been doing and that I've experienced, so it's personally been a huge confidence boost for me.”

Darlene also spends time assisting other areas of the team management, such as the administration involved in running the program.

“That's been so interesting to see all the work that goes into it; the assistance that RSL Queensland has given us as well and how that works.”

Comradery and Mateship

Darlene has also found a support team through her local RSL Sub Branch – part of a national network that provides veterans with welfare and wellbeing services and social connection.

A good friend introduced Darlene to a local RSL Sub Branch, where she received financial assistance for medical expenses and support with DVA claims for a medical condition – an often-challenging process for veterans to navigate.

“That’s been a wonderful support,” Darlene says.

Darlene and her husband are both now members of the Sub Branch and are enjoying the newfound comradery.

“Being a Sub Branch member, to me, means a lot personally. Being part of another team; it's being a part of a group, a small Sub Branch, which is much more personal.”

“That camaraderie and mateship is back again. All those things really matter.”

Darlene has also found purpose by helping with ANZAC Day Service preparations and researching veterans on the Honour Roll for families.

“It's been wonderful. The work I've put in is making me feel worthwhile; I'm giving something back.”

“Being a Sub Branch member has had a positive impact on my life in many ways.”

Support Means the World

Darlene admits she was hesitant about engaging with RSL Queensland at first, but describes her experience as being very rewarding.

“I must say to veterans who are thinking of joining a Sub Branch, go ahead and do it; take that step.”

While Darlene has found connection in being involved with the off-road racing team and her Sub Branch, she knows that there are other RSL Queensland-supported programs available if she needs them.

“The programs they offer, I know they’re there when I’m ready to use them, and that support means the world.”

Thank You for Changing Lives

Darlene’s life is back on track thanks to the RSL RAEMUS Rover Off-Road Racing Program and RSL Queensland. Both are funded by the RSL Art Union and your VIP membership.

“I'd like to say to the RSL Art Union thank you so much for making these services possible through your funding.”

“It enables us to do so many things to live life a bit.”

Exclusive VIP Club benefits

Two draws worth $3 million* in gold each.

Two exclusive $3 million* gold VIP Heroes Draws.

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Bonus quarterly cash draws worth $100,000* each

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