Returned serviceman and long-time RSL supporter takes the win!

The anticipation grew as RSL Art Union General Manager, Tracey Bishop, prepared to make the million-dollar call to the winner of Draw 353, Michael Stuart of Keilor East Victoria. His life was very much about to change as the new owner of not just one, but three luxury apartments, in Brisbane, on the Sunshine Coast and on the Gold Coast and $300,000 in gold richer.

Michael, a returned serviceman and long-time RSL supporter, happily chatted away to Tracey about all the possibilities that this multi-million-dollar prize could give him. Tracey, about to disclose the news to Michael, asked “are you sitting down?” He promptly replied “I am. Well, I can't exactly get up right now, I have a brace on my leg.”

After the news hit, Michael yelled out to his wife Jan in disbelief “Jan! Did you hear? We won the apartments! We won!”

On top of their three contemporary furnished apartments, all with breathtaking water views, this prize also includes $300,000 worth of gold, which Michael and Jan can choose to spend, invest or save however they please. Plus, as $100 book buyers, they will also receive an additional $135,000 in gold to add to this already life-changing prize package. This takes the grand total of gold winnings to a whopping $435,000!

Brisbane City Apartment Draw 353
Kawana Prize Home View Draw 353

Draw 353 Winners

Prize Value Ticket No From Ticket Type
1st Prize: $2,334,372
2,479,924 Keilor East, VIC $100
2nd Prize: $10,000 240,964 Mossman, QLD $20 VIP
3rd Prize: $5,000 1,928,297 North Rocks, NSW
$30 VIP
Loyal Supporter Draw: $8,000 340,324 Chisholm, ACT $50 VIP
Loyal Supporter Draw: $8,000 1,249,801
North Ipswich, QLD $20 VIP
VIP-only Bonus Draw: $10,000
900,212 Sale, VIC $20 VIP
VIP-only Bonus Draw: $10,000 1,050,607 Strathfield, NSW $50 VIP
VIP Update Your Details: $500
1,727,055 Richmond, NSW $30 VIP

Draw 353 is now closed!

The first property in this Trifecta is a stunning canal-facing apartment with a private rooftop terrace, offering the perfect place to relax and unwind. The second property in this trifecta is positioned in the heart of Brisbane. The final home included in this amazing prize is a two bedroom, two bathroom modern apartment located in Southport on the Gold Coast.

Interior Design Kawana Draw 353
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