You’re going to want to take this call!

It was the life-changing call that almost didn’t happen! Daniel Evans’* phone rang loudly in the middle of an IT work meeting this morning at. He answered quickly to find the General Manager of the RSL Art Union, Tracey Bishop, on the line. “I’m actually in a meeting at the moment, can you call back later?”, he asked. Tracey knew she was about to deliver the type of news that shouldn’t be delayed. She replied with a wry smile “You’re going to want to take this call!”

The winner of Art Union 355 had been drawn, and it was Daniel Evans’ name on the winning $20 ticket! From Thornleigh in NSW, Daniel has been an avid supporter of the RSL Art Union and a member of the VIP Club for many years. Now the winner of a $2.3M prize package that includes a waterfront home plus $1M in gold, Daniel is pleased we interrupted his meeting with that life-changing phone call! Letting it all sink in, Daniel exclaimed “You’ve just sorted out my retirement!”

Daniel is now the proud owner of a luxurious four bedroom waterfront home, located among the Gold Coast’s prestigious waterways in Helensvale, as well as $1M in gold bullion. With his $20 VIP Ticket Daniel also received an additional $40,000 in gold bullion as part of his book bonus prize.

*Name changed for privacy reasons

Luxury Home Draw 355
Luxury home Draw 355

Draw 355 Winners

Prize Value Ticket No From Ticket Type
1st Prize: $2,338,997
436,248 Thornleigh, NSW
$20 VIP
2nd Prize: $10,000
543,047St Andrews, NSW$30 VIP
3rd Prize: $5,000
858,529Parkerville, WA$50 VIP
4th Prize: $8,000
557,132 Fernbrook, NSW$10 VIP
VIP Only Bonus Draw: $10,000
Sylvania, NSW
$30 VIP
VIP Only Bonus Draw: $10,000 587,867 Rockingham Beach, WA $20 VIP
VIP Update Your Details: $500 400,607 Shoal Bay, NSW$30 VIP

Draw 355 is now sold out!

  • A luxury two-storey, four bedroom waterfront house.
  • The home features an open-plan living, dining and kitchen area that leads onto the spacious al fresco area.
  • A professionally styled home with $150,720 worth of furniture and electrical appliances.
  • Rates and water paid for the first 12 months (valued at $4,902).
  • Legal transfer fees paid (valued at $1,375).
  • A $2,000 travel voucher.
Luxury bathroom Draw 355
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