From caravans to riches –  a $2 million story to warm your heart

78 year old Michael Wilson*, a $10 VIP supporter from Gaven on the Gold Coast, recieved an unexpected call from RSL Art Union’s Kate Watman this morning. Mr Wilson’s ticket number 1,047,901 was drawn and as a result he was posed with the life-changing $2 million question – would you prefer a luxury townhouse in Sydney’s inner-city suburb of Lilyfield or $2 million in gold?

Mr Wilson, now $2 million richer, is taking the win in his stride, and understandably so. Mr Wilson shared that although he had been retired for 14 years, there was never enough money available to enjoy his retirement. Now with the financial means to indulge his love of travel, speed boats and move into a home of his choosing, Mr Wilson can well and truly live his retirement to the absolute fullest.

Mr Wilson's prize does not end there, as a $10 book buyer he will receive a further $30,000 in gold plus a $2,000 travel voucher to spend as he pleases!

*Name changed for privacy reasons.

Outdoor dining set Draw 356
Lounge and dining Draw 356

Draw 356 Winners

Prize Value Ticket Number Location Ticket Type
1st Prize: $2,002,000 1,047,90 Gaven, QLD
$10 VIP
2nd Prize: $10,000 2,308,572 Lambton, NSW
3rd Prize: $5,000 2,507,627 Parramatta, NSW
Loyal Supporter Draw: $8,000 2,165,147 Inglewood, WA
$10 VIP
Loyal Supporter Draw: $10,000 1,229,966Toamasina, Madagascar
$200 VIP
VIP-only Bonus Prize: $10,000 533,069Murrumbateman, NSW$30 VIP
VIP-only Bonus Prize: $10,000 1,303,104Tamworth, NSW$50 VIP
VIP Update Details Prize: $500 1,139,462 Scarborough, WA$10 VIP

Draw 356 is now closed!

  • $2 million in gold! OR a luxury two-storey, three-bedroom Sydney townhouse with two off-street car parks, plus $50,000 in gold.

  • Open-plan living, dining and kitchen area lead to a spacious al fresco and backyard (a rare commodity in Sydney!).

  • $59,135 worth of furniture and electrical appliances included.
  • $5,000 gold bullion included to cover rates and water for the first 12 months.
  • Transfer duty (valued at $84,490) and legal transfer fees (valued at $1,375) paid.
Interior design Draw 356 RSL Art Union
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