We have a winner!
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“We just have to keep buying… we will win one of these days!”

Answering after the first three rings, Jennifer Sanders* was not expecting to hear the news that she was the lucky winner of Draw 365 – a $3.3 million property portfolio. “I’m gobsmacked” she said in complete disbelief. And understandably so.

Jennifer from Karana Downs was on her way out to drop her husband at the airport when RSL Art Union’s General Manager, Tracey Bishop delivered this life-changing news. “I was just saying to my husband this morning, we have to keep buying tickets… we will win one of these days,” she explained. 

Jennifer is now the owner of three stunning apartments located in Melbourne, Sydney and Noosa, and when delivering the news to her husband, she was met with the same disbelief she felt. “what the whole thing?” he asked.  

As a $20 book buyer, Jennifer will also receive an extra $40,000 in Gold Bullion, news that left her even more lost for words. 

Jennifer has a big decision ahead of her as she chooses what she wants to do with this $3.3 million prize. 

Thank you for your ongoing support of Australia’s veteran community, and good luck in Draw 366.  
*Name changed for privacy reasons


Draw 365 Winners

Prize Value Ticket No From Ticket Type
1st Prize: $3,317,434 494277 Karana Downs, QLD $20 VIP
2nd Prize: $10,000 1206446 Rosanna,VIC $30 VIP
3rd Prize: $5,000 640636 Pialba, QLD $20 VIP
Loyal Supporter Draw: $8,000 C00370223* Fairfield, VIC $10 VIP
Loyal Supporter Draw: $8,000 C003989345* Sandstone Point, QLD $50 VIP
VIP Only Bonus Draw: $10,000 C001539051* Innisfail, QLD $10 VIP
VIP Only Bonus Draw: $10,000 C000202493* Carina Heights, QLD $20 VIP
VIP Update Your Details: $500 C001616768* Keilor, VIC $30 VIP

*Membership Number

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