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The Golden Treasure Lifestyle


Nancy* from Narraweena in NSW received the luckiest early present on Christmas Eve with a $6,400,000 phone call from RSL Queensland CEO Melanie Wilson, thanks to her purchase of a single $10 ticket!

Ticket number 00503949 was drawn at 10 am this morning as our grand prize winner! Completely shocked by her lucky win, she exclaimed: “YOU’RE JOKING!”.

As a supporter for many years, and a VIP for over a year, Nancy became speechless whilst being told of her prize details.

Keeping our cause close to her heart, she continues to support the veteran community through thick and thin, and has no plans to stop doing so into the future.

Now Nancy has the opportunity to choose what she would like to do with Australia's biggest ever prize home, an apartment complex worth $6.4 MILLION!

We can't wait for her to settle in and enjoy this stunning property. We wish her all the best with her new life!

*Name changed for privacy reasons.

The Golden Treasure Lifestyle

Draw 371 Winner

Prize Value Ticket No VIP Ticket Value
1st Prize: $6,400,613 00503949 YES  $10

* AU371 Sales Reference Number 

How Your Support Helps

How Your Support Helps

VIP Club Member Benefits

VIP Club Member Benefits