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Heroes Draw VIP07 - Winners

Story Update

16/03/2018 at 17:00

Answering after the fourth attempt, Tara got to hear the million-dollar news we were all waiting to share…

After this morning’s attempt to phone the lucky winners, Tara and Ian Morrisey*, we have finally made contact! After the fourth call, Tara finally got to hear the million-dollar news and understandably the emotions poured out. RSL Art Union Product and Prize Manager Nicole Marshall, had the honour of delivering the life-changing news to Mrs Morrisey and this is how it all played out...

Under the impression that she had answered a courtesy call from the Art Union, Tara divulged her charitable side and reason for support, “We’ve been supporting for 20-25 years. I guess it started when we were on the Gold Coast one year and thought, this would be a good way to support a charity. We all should be supporting charities if we can and I just felt like we should be supporting the RSL.”

Knowing exactly how this win would change her family’s life, her thoughts immediately went to her husband Ian, who has hopes to retire soon. Tara will eagerly wait to surprise her husband when she breaks the news over dinner tonight.

This very emotional phone call was well worth the wait as the prize went to such a charitable family. We wish the Morrisey’s a happy life and Ian fantastic and prompt retirement.

* Names changed for privacy reasons.

They are $1.75 million in gold richer and have absolutely no idea…

16/03/2018 at 12:00

Long-term supporters Lachlan and Tara Morrisey* from West Leederville, Western Australia are still yet to receive the news that will not only make their day, but their lives richer in more ways than one, as the first prize winners of the latest VIP Heroes Draw.

Unbeknown to the couple, their $30 VIP membership has paid off in dividends with their lucky ticket number 104,125 drawn at ANZAC House this morning. It’s a life-changing $1.75 million in gold win for the Morrisey’s, and the good news just gets better for them. As $30 VIP club members, the Morrisey’s will also take home an extra $55,000 in gold to bring their total gold winnings to a healthy $1,805,000 in gold sum. It’s ready and waiting for them to spend as they please!

Although this would be one call you wouldn’t want to miss, the attempts to contact the busy couple this morning have so far been unsuccessful.

If you’re a proud VIP club member and reside in Western Australia be sure to check your tickets for the number 104,125, and wait by your phone for that million-dollar call that will surely be worth your time!

Congratulations to the Morrisey’s and all the winners of Draw VIP07.

From all of us here at the RSL Art Union, thank you for your ongoing support and good luck in the next draw.

Prize Ticket No From Book / VIP
1st Prize:
104,125 West Leederville, WA $30 VIP
2nd Prize:
1,257,473 Elanora, QLD $30 VIP
3rd Prize:
460,218 Seven Hills, NSW $20 VIP

Meet Ashlea

Ashlea Henley, an ex-aircraft technician in the Royal Australian Navy, enlisted at 18 years old and served for seven and a half years. Sadly, Ashlea was medically discharged in 2017 with a shoulder injury and diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Trojan's Trek, an RSL supported initiative, has helped her to connect with other veterans and played a pivotal part in her continued rehabilitation