RSL Art Union - ANZAC

About Us

Inspired by the spirit of mateship, the modern day RSL Prize Home Lottery was created following World War I. In the early 1930’s, returned veterans were finding it difficult to reintegrate into mainstream society. The mental scars they carried were often worse than their physical wounds, many were living in poverty and despair.

During this period, the national RSL realised the need to provide accommodation and support for our Australian heroes. In a time when unemployment was high and money was scarce, a secure funding source was desperately needed to continue these veteran services.

From these early beginnings, the prize home lottery proved popular and was widely adopted. RSL Queensland commenced its Art Union fundraising operations in 1956, with proceeds providing many services, including accommodation, to ex-servicemen and women, their dependents and families.

These days the RSL Art Union is well known for providing much needed funds to the RSL so they can provide support to our modern day veterans and their families. The RSL Art Union also prides itself on changing the lives of their lucky winners.

With your continued contribution, this long tradition of mateship will persevere for many more years to come.

What is my contribution to RSL Art Union going toward?

Today, funds raised through RSL Art Union help deliver:

  • Assistance for 3200  veterans every year with Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) claims, including medical expenses, pensions and income claims.
  • Hospital and home visits for 8300 people in the veteran community each year.
  • More than 80 low-cost, safe housing options.
  • Counselling and support for veterans and their families.
  • A scholarship program for dependents and spouses of veterans seeking further education.
  • More than 100 school-based programs to preserve the memory of those who have served.
  • Assistance for more than 200 veterans in Tribunal cases and appeals.
  • Emergency financial assistance.
  • Bereavement assistance for defence families who have lost loved ones.
  • Funeral services for veterans who pass away and have no known family.

RSL Art Union funds national initiatives

Nationally, funds raised through RSL Art Union also provide:

  • World-first research into post-traumatic stress disorder amongst veterans.  The $7 million RSL QLD PTSD Initiative has made ground-breaking discoveries about the causes, symptoms and treatments of PTSD since 2012.
  • A training program for General Practitioners to help them better identify PTSD and other mental health issues amongst veterans and their families and to provide improved treatment options.
  • Counselling, camaraderie and rehabilitation programs through RSL Qld’s contemporary veteran branch Mates4Mates. These programs include equine therapy, Kokoda Track walks, cycling events and more.
  • Trojan’s Trek peer support wilderness intervention program which assist veterans rebuild self-esteem and make positive change.
  • Opportunities to join the RAEMUS Rover off-road racing team through learning a mechanical trade, logistics or navigation.
  • Respite care at Diggers Rest – A Soldier’s Retreat which provides a place for former and current serving Defence personnel and their families to reset and reconnect.

RSL services provide for the sick, helpless, wounded, aged, vulnerable, destitute and needy among those who are serving or who have served in the Australian Defence Forces and their families.

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