Gold bullion



RSL Art Union is proud to offer for the very first time a chance for you to win the ultimate life of luxury where you have the choice of:

  • A beautiful $1.5 million waterfront home on the Sunshine Coast.
  • OR $1.5 million worth of cashable gold.
  • OR $1.5 million worth of prestige cars.
  • OR a luxury yacht worth $1.5 million.

Win first prize and you will have the enviable decision that will change your lifestyle forever.

Choose $1.5 million cashable gold

Just imagine how your lifestyle would change if you won $1.5 million;

  • Pay off your mortgage and work part-time - or not at all!
  • Invest your money and enjoy the freedom a massive income provides
  • Give your loved ones the 'step up' you've always wanted to
  • Buy your dream home or travel the world in luxury

It's the largest amount of gold RSL Art Union has ever given away!

PLUS, win first prize and receive a bonus $2,000 travel voucher

Gold FAQ

Q. If I choose the gold prize, what happens next?
An RSL Art Union staff member will talk through the options available to you and answer any questions you may have. You will have 10 business days to choose how you would like to receive the gold, which includes keeping the gold or converting the gold for cash.

Option 1: Keeping the gold

Q. If I choose to keep the gold, how is it delivered to me?
The gold will be delivered by a secure courier to the address nominated by you the winner as you must sign for it on arrival. Once you take possession of the gold, it is up to you what you do with it next!

Q. What form is the gold delivered to me, if I choose to keep it?
If you choose to keep the gold, it will be delivered to you in ounces of 99.99% pure gold. If there is not an even amount of ounces, the difference is made up of gold and silver coins.

Q. Where can I store the gold, if I choose to keep it?
RSL Art Union's gold bullion company can discuss storage options and associated fees on your request.

Option 2: Converting the gold for cash

If you want to receive the gold in cash, that's simple and easy to do.

Q. How do I convert the gold to cash?
It's easy! You will receive a form, accompanying the letter confirming your win that will need to be completed and returned to RSL Art Union so that we can arrange to exchange the gold for cash on your behalf.

Q. How quickly can I receive the cash?
The cash will be transferred into your preferred bank account within 7 days of RSL Art Union receiving the completed form.   

Q. What is the purity of the gold?
The gold is 99.99% pure.  

Q. Where is the gold minted?
Perth, Australia.