Draw 364 Ticket FAQs

How did this happen?

Unfortunately, an error in preparing and printing our tickets for Draw 364 resulted in a number of tickets containing incorrect information. The accuracy and compliance of the draw is imperative to us, and as a result, we’re acting to correct this with our customers now.

Why did this happen?

The issue occurred in the preparation of our printing of tickets. The actual record of customers who had entered into Draw 364 was unaffected and remained accurate in our system.

How are you issuing my new tickets to me?

To ensure the complete compliance and fairness of our draw, our solution includes the cancellation of affected tickets and issue of new tickets. If you have been issued a ticket within this range, we will issue you a new ticket to ensure your chance to win is maintained, and your ticket is included in the draw.

What if I have not paid for entry into Draw 364?

A small number of customers may have received an unpaid ticket printed in error. These tickets have not been included in the AU364 draw, will not be reissued and are invalid.

New tickets will not be issued where payment has not been made. If you would like to purchase tickets in Draw 364 for your chance to win a $2.3M Kirra Beach apartment, you can contact our Contact Centre or buy tickets online or simply update your payment details at www.rslartunion.com.au

Can my new tickets be mailed to me?

If you have a valid email address with us and new tickets are issued to you, we will email you your new tickets, to ensure that you receive them as fast as possible, well in time for the draw.

If you would also like your new tickets to be mailed to you, please contact our Customer Service team by calling one of the numbers below or emailing enquiries@rslartunion.com.au.
Australia: 1800 775 888 or 07 3188 0436
New Zealand: 0800 450 970
International: +61 7 3188 0436

When can I expect my new tickets?

We are notifying all affected customers of their new tickets within this draw, and the replacement tickets will be sent as soon as possible so they can arrive in time for the draw. Note that you do not need your ticket to claim a prize as our ticket register is a record of all valid tickets, and your chance to win is unaffected if you do not have your ticket in hand.

Why are my ticket numbers changing?

To ensure the complete compliance and fairness of our draw, the affected tickets have been cancelled and we will issue new tickets within a new ticket range. This will ensure the draw is compliant, fair and all ticket holders maintain their chance of winning our prizes.

What happens to my old ticket number?

Affected ticket numbers will be cancelled and not included in the Draw 364. We will issue new tickets within a new ticket range and these are now your valid tickets in the draw.

Does this change how many chances I have to win in Draw 364?

Reissued tickets will provide you with the same number of chances and odds to win in Draw 364, including paid and bonus tickets - your chances to win are unaffected.

Does this change how many chances I had to win back in Draw 363?

Your participation in Draw 363 is unaffected. This was a fully compliant and all tickets were issued correctly.

Will I be charged twice?

Payments for valid tickets were not affected by the printed ticket error and you will have been correctly billed for valid tickets .

How can you have more tickets available than the advertised number of tickets? / Why is my ticket number higher than the advertised ticket numbers available in the draw?

We regularly have ticket numbers higher than the range of tickets stated in our permit due to the fact that we do not re-issue cancelled tickets to future buyers. What is important, is that the total number of tickets do not exceed the quantity allowed in our permit, rather than if they fall within a particular range. The total number of tickets issued for Draw 364 will not exceed the number approved in our permit.

How will the draws be conducted?

RSL Art Union public draws are generally held at ANZAC House, 283 St Pauls Terrace, Fortitude Valley, QLD or at prize home locations as specified in the terms and conditions for each draw. If you would like to review this information, the terms and conditions are located on the back of your tickets, on our promotional brochures and at www.rslartunion.com.au.

The conduct of the draw is supervised by an independent auditor and scrutineer. Ticket numbers are drawn using a random number generator, which have been certified and approved by regulators.

At the press of a button, the random number generator selects the winning number. The number is then checked against the ticket register to confirm that the ticket is valid, ie. fully paid for and has not been cancelled, then the winner is identified. If the ticket number was not sold or has been cancelled, the button is pressed again for the next random number selection.

Am I eligible for the Lucky Golden Ticket draw?

This bonus draw is only open to customers who have been directly affected by the ticket misprint issue.

To be entered into the Lucky Golden Ticket Draw 01, an entrant must have:

(a) a cancelled ticket in AU364L with a ticket number in the range of 1 and 2,021,867; and
(b) have a valid entry in the current open Art Union Draw 364.

What are the terms and conditions for the Lucky Golden Ticket draw?

You can view the full terms and conditions for the Lucky Golden Ticket Draw 01 here.

How many entries will I have in the Lucky Golden Ticket draw?

There will be one entry per eligible customer included in this bonus draw, additional tickets/entries are not available for this bonus draw.

What ticket number will I have as my entry into the Lucky Golden Ticket draw?

Entries into this bonus draw (the Lucky Golden Ticket draw) are by entrant and your customer membership number, rather than ticket number

What if my old ticket number wins?

All tickets that were printed in error are invalid and will not be included in the draw for Draw 364 or the Lucky Golden Ticket draw.

What if I want a refund?

If you no longer wish to be included in Draw 364 and would like your order to be refunded, please contact our Customer Service team on one of the numbers below and the team will more than happy to assist you.

Australia: 1800 775 888 or 07 3188 0436
New Zealand: 0800 450 970
International: +61 7 3188 0436

If I’ve requested a refund, how long will it take for the refund to process?

If you have requested a refund, this will be processed via Cheque or electronic funds transfer (EFT) and may take up to 10 business days to process.

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