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This draw
is dedicated to

Sandie Beaumont

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Your VIP membership brings real change to veterans’ lives.

Like Sandie Beaumont, who struggled with her mental health after transitioning into civilian life. Thanks to your ongoing support, Sandie was able to access support through Mates4Mates to establish social connections and rebuild her confidence.

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Sandie’s story

As a cook in the Australian Navy, Sandie Beaumont travelled the world and forged life-long friendships while proudly serving her country. Sandie’s connection to Defence first started in 1989 when she joined the Navy, and during her time in service she was one of the first 20 females on board the HMAS Success, and the only female cook.

While at times it was tough being the only female in the galley, Sandie embraced the challenge while enjoying the camaraderie that the Navy provided and fondly recalls some of the adventures she had during her time in service.

In 1992 Sandie participated in the RIMPAC exercises along with five other nations. “We got to visit Hawaii, San Diego, and even hop on a bus trip down to Mexico. One time when we were ashore there was a statue built by the Australian Navy back in 78’ and we got to repaint it, and just the little things like that were really great.” Sandie recalls fondly.

After finishing up her time in the Navy in 1995, Sandie struggled transitioning into civilian life. “I did find it a bit hard, having the camaraderie of all those people around you supporting you like brothers and sisters. To suddenly being on your own without that stability”.

Sandie hit a low point and eventually returned home to Brisbane to live with her mum and dad. An old friend from the Navy recognized the struggles Sandie had been dealing with, and told her to join Mates4Mates.

An initiative of RSL Queensland, Mates4Mates provides a way forward for current and ex-serving Australian Defence Force personnel, and their families, impacted by service. Almost 10,000 veterans and their families to date have benefited from the physical rehabilitation and mental health services, skills and wellbeing programs, and social connection activities that Mates4Mates provides.

“Before reaching out to Mates4Mates I was a bit lost, I was unable to work at the time and didn’t really know what direction to go”.

After doing a bit of initial research, Sandie made an appointment at one of their centres. “It’s the best thing that I did” she says smiling.

During her first appointment with Mates4Mates, Sandie was introduced to Stacey, who asked her what type of services she wanted to use. “I told Stacey I was looking for a social connection because, I was feeling a bit isolated.”

Since joining Mates4Mates, Sandie has participated in a range of social activities such as; Ambrose Golf Days, a Story Bridge climb, painting classes, and regular coffee catchups just to name a few.

In addition to this Sandie has utilized exercise physiology services offered by Mates4Mates and participated in weekly yoga classes. “The exercise physiology helped with my mental health, and a few issues and injuries that I had. The yoga was actually fantastic.” Sandie admitted, who still regularly attends the yoga classes run by Mates4Mates.

Sandie feels like she has come full circle since joining Mates4Mates, after losing the camaraderie when she left the Navy. To now being back with all of the support around her, not just from her family and friends, but also the new friends she’s made through Mates4Mates.

“I feel like I’m more confident. It’s helped me get that connection back, that sense of belonging.”

“I’d like to say to the supporters of the RSL Art Union a very big thank you. I even thank the people who sell the tickets at the supermarkets”, Sandie says smiling again.

“Thank you very much, because some of the programs offered by RSL Queensland have really helped me. Like the Veteran Homelessness program and now Mates4Mates. If it wasn’t for that, I don’t know where I’d be,” Sandie said.


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