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It couldn’t have come at a better time!

Ms Rachel Walker* from Southport, QLD, was hanging out her washing when she received a life-changing call from RSL Art Union’s General Manager, Tracey Bishop. “You’re not calling me to tell me I’ve won, are you!?” she exclaimed.

Tracey then delivered the news that Ms Walker’s ticket #1,931,666 was drawn at 10am this morning, making her the lucky winner of three luxury apartments in popular Queensland locations PLUS $425,000 in gold!

The good news didn’t end there. As a $20 book buyer, Rachel also receives an additional $40,000 in gold, to which she replied, “I’ll be off my old age pension! This win couldn’t have come at a better time.”

Rachel is an RSL advocate and has been a VIP member for many years. With a daughter-in-law in the Defence Force, as well as two sons and her brother in the Army, Rachel explains that supporting the veteran community is her primary reason for supporting RSL Art Union.

Congratulations to all the winners of Draw 363. 

*Name changed for privacy reasons.

Draw 363 Winners

Prize Value Ticket No From Ticket Type
1st Prize: $2,310,125 1931666 Southport, QLD $20 VIP
2nd Prize: $10,000 818103 Mount Samson, QLD $30 VIP
3rd Prize: $5,000 869368 Crestmead, QLD $30 VIP
Loyal Supporter Draw: $8,000 1439853* Currumbin Waters, QLD $10 VIP
Loyal Supporter Draw: $8,000 1565368* Beenleigh, QLD $30 VIP
VIP Only Bonus Draw: $10,000 119198* Condobolin, NSW $20 VIP
VIP Only Bonus Draw: $10,000 380251* Parap, NT $10 VIP
VIP Update Your Details: $500 1970805* Port Macquarie, NSW $20 VIP

*Membership Number

How Your Support Helps

How Your Support Helps

VIP Club Member Benefits

VIP Club Member Benefits