How you help Cherie the Veteran’s Wife

Supporting roles: The story of a veteran’s wife, her commitment and embracing the future.

When you think of the RSL, it’s easy to just think of the support we give to the servicemen and women who have returned home. But what about the people they’re returning home to? Partners and families who have also had to sacrifice time away from their loved ones, perhaps putting life on hold to navigate the unique challenges of the Defence lifestyle. Cherie is one of those partners. The wife of returned serviceman, Trent, who was discharged from the Army in 2014. Her story is one of commitment, support, and embracing opportunity.

I’ve really got to give it up to her. When I returned home, seeing Cherie still waiting for me was a rare and precious moment.

Strength in the face of adversity.

Cherie is the embodiment of unwavering support. Hearing Trent recount the moment he returned home from service, he’s quick to acknowledge that it’s not always the case. “There were a few guys and girls that kind of came back and weren't still with their partners.” It’s a scene that highlights the unfortunate reality faced by many service members whose relationships falter under the strain of deployment. 

It's hard. It takes a toll. You realise that it's no longer about yourself. A lot of it is about the person who was in Defence or is still in Defence.

After Trent’s return home,

Cherie then found herself becoming his carer. “The role of caregiver often overshadowed my own aspirations and desires,” Cherie admits. “A lot of my needs tend to get forgotten about because the focus is on him.” Yet, Cherie remained a steadfast pillar of support, facing these newfound challenges with understanding, compassion, and optimism for the future. A journey of personal growth. Since returning home, Trent was granted a scholarship through RSL Queensland.

And now, nearly a decade after their emotional airport reunion, Cherie found herself presented with a similar opportunity. “He got his scholarship first, then he heard there was a partner scholarship available. Trent encouraged me to pursue my dreams.” With the support of RSL Queensland through the RSL Scholarship Program and RSL Employment Program, Cherie was able to focus on her aspirations and embark on a career in nursing. Studying a mental health unit within the course also empowered her with new tools to care for Trent. “Some veterans can suffer from mental health challenges, so there was a lot of things that I learned that helped me with being able to look after Trent every day.” Looking after the things that matter. It’s hard to underestimate the importance of a strong support network and having people around you that genuinely care. For Cherie and Trent, their commitment to each other has never wavered, and the support and commitment they’ve received from RSL Queensland has had a positive impact on their lives and future. “RSL Queensland's doing an amazing job to support not only the veterans, but also the veterans' families. Scholarship and Employment programs like this, and all the other stuff they do, is invaluable.

I'd like to say to the VIP Club members of RSL Art Union, a huge thank you. The help that you provide means that people like me can go to university. (Without you) It wouldn't be possible for us to be able to achieve these great things.

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How your support changes lives

Our regular supporters are so important for RSL Queensland to provide much-needed help to veterans and families. The money raised helps deliver a range of impactful services and programs to help in real and meaningful ways. In 2023, 20% more veterans and families were supported by RSL Queensland’s services than the previous year, including:


veterans and families supported by RSL Queensland’s services.


claims and appeals submitted to the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.


jobs found for veterans and their partners.


veterans and families housed in safe, permanent accommodation.

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