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From thriving to falling apart

Updated 11 Feb 2024 (first published Feb 2024)

Meet Tim Thomas, who is our dedicated hero for VIP Heroes Draw 16. Tim thrived in the elite Australian Special Forces Commandos. But after serving for six years, Tim transitioned out of Defence and felt disconnected from his civilian friends, family and started drinking heavily.

After getting involved in veteran mental health research, Tim worked with Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation to trial the RSL Queensland-funded Go Beyond program. Now, thanks to RSL Queensland’s investment in evidence-based initiatives, Tim has re-discovered his purpose and drive, and is encouraging other veterans to access available support.

The research helps sculpt programs that RSL Queensland offers to veterans like myself, to make my life and the life of those around me, better.

Life as an elite Commando

Tim joined the Australian Special Forces Commandos in 2004 as part of the first direct recruitment intake.

“There was a group of 70 civilian personnel that started the process, and there were 15 that got through. At 30 years old, I was the oldest, and, most said I was too old. Regardless, I still consider myself very fortunate to be among those 15 who successfully completed the special forces selection,” says Tim.

As well as deployments to Afghanistan and East Timor, Tim enjoyed the experience of water-based operations the most.

“My favourite part was amphibious operations. Not everyone liked the ocean; I loved it. My favourite thing about the Commandos was getting out in the water.”

Tim left Defence without admitting he had physical and mental injuries. He thought transitioning out, getting a civilian job and moving on would be straightforward. But he soon found himself drinking heavily and telling himself and others that he was ‘fine’.

“I'd say ‘I'm fine, I'm fine’. It became a management strategy of telling myself if I keep doing this job well, then everything else will be fine.”

“In Defence, when you struggle in the job, you muscle up and get the job done. You keep going, regardless.”

Tim kept himself busy but couldn’t ignore the feeling that something was missing.

“I was certainly aware of the imbalances it was causing. Things were starting to fall apart for me, and I didn't know how to express that.”

Understanding what veterans need

Looking back, Tim realises that the challenges he experienced in transitioning back into civilian life were linked with how connected he felt to Defence. And how lost he felt without those connections.

“When I left Defence, I didn’t have those connections either side of me; I was struggling. I was feeling very alone and away from the herd,” says Tim.

“I eventually realised it’s not the pain that we can’t handle; it’s the isolation and the feeling like we’re the only ones going through this.”

While working at Mates4Mates, an RSL Queensland-established veteran support organisation, Tim came across Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation (GMRF) and their research into veteran mental health.

“There’s a lot of smart people out there, but GMRF were flexible; they asked the right questions in the right language by listening to the actual person in the scenario.”

“I could see good things happening and their commitment and confidence had me on board.”

Asking the right questions in the right language

GMRF in partnership with RSL Queensland developed the free online self-directed program Go Beyond, designed to help guide veterans through their adjustment to civilian life.

Tim completed the post-transition Military-Civilian Adjustment and Reintegration Measure, or the M-CARM, and Go Beyond.

“The M-CARM gives you information specific to you about where your needs are. You don’t have to learn anything and it’s exactly on the money,” says Tim.

“And then when you do the online Go Beyond modules, they’re specific to what you need so you’re not wasting your time.”

“To me, that is so much more efficient and individualised.”

“It often says things that you can't even say for yourself; it asks the right questions in the right language to see those needs come to the surface.”

The power of connection

Inspired by the work of GMRF, Tim became a veteran ambassador for the research organisation. He now speaks about the impact that Go Beyond has had on his life to encourage other veterans to seek support, because he knows there’s power in connection.

“We can deal with anything, but we can’t deal with loneliness. We don’t want to think we’re the only ones going through it,” says Tim.

“Go Beyond breaks the isolation, and that's where I see the real power is. Because I'm not going to learn anything new while I feel alone and isolated.”

Tim has found support and purpose thanks to GMRF’s research into veteran mental health.

The RSL Art Union and your VIP Club membership make the research partnership between RSL Queensland and GMRF possible.

I want to thank the VIP Club members for their support. It’s enabling RSL Queensland to invest in research that helps the veteran community.

How your support changes lives

Our regular supporters are so important for RSL Queensland to provide much-needed help to veterans and families. The money raised helps deliver a range of impactful services and programs to help in real and meaningful ways. In 2023, 20% more veterans and families were supported by RSL Queensland’s services than the previous year, including:


veterans and families supported by RSL Queensland’s services.


claims and appeals submitted to the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.


jobs found for veterans and their partners.


veterans and families housed in safe, permanent accommodation.

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Funds raised through RSL Art Union allows RSL Queensland to provide practical support, assistance, advice and camaraderie to current and former Australian Defence Force members and their families across Queensland and nationally.

RSL Queensland’s mission is to provide care, commemoration and camaraderie to enable veterans and families to live with dignity and respect.

For example, in 2023, RSL Queensland supported 8,411 veterans and their families with their services, found jobs for 285 veterans and their partners, and helped 202 individuals into safe, permanent housing.

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How can I get assistance from RSL Queensland?

Life always has its ups and downs. But as a veteran, or the partner of a veteran, you don’t have to face them on your own.

Whether you're looking for employment, scholarships, wellness programs, or assistance with DVA claims, RSL Queensland has free programs, and people at the ready, to help you achieve your life goals.

To learn more and get assistance, visit or call 134 RSL.

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